DC STARDOM was born Kendrick Waldon in the diverse city of Washington DC. Living up to his name, the upcoming talent decided to commit himself to music as early as 2012. His undeniable star power makes DC STARDOM an unforgettable face in the world of Hip-Hop and Pop music. Taking a unique approach to his sound, tracks like ?Riding Foreign?, embody an international vibe that appeals to audiences worldwide.

While on the quest for success, DC STARDOM never shies away from an opportunity to light up the stage. From global tours to massive festival concerts, his determination to be the best in his league makes him an Icon by default. Currently residing in Miami Beach, it?s only a matter of time before DC STARDOM becomes a household name in the music industry. Making moves to achieve his lofty goals, DC STARDOM drop his new single titled

DC STARDOM - SHOOT YA SHOT (REMIX) Ft PSYCOBABYOFFICIAL. This release has the right energy and vibe to get the whole club rockin?. ?It?s Too much drip, don?t slip? are the words echoed throughout the hook, encouraging you to ball out ?but don?t slip?. DC STARDOM - SHOOT YA SHOT (REMIX) Ft PSYCOBABYOFFICIAL is putting the entire industry on notice; DC STARDOM has arrived and ?SHOOT YA SHOT (REMIX) Ft PSYCOBABYOFFICIAL?? the 2022 Season anthem.