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At New Money Trap, we're all about setting the stage for the hottest Hip-Hop and R&B tracks in the game. With an irresistible blend of mainstream chart-toppers and emerging indie sensations, we're your go-to destination for the freshest beats and most authentic vibes.


Our mission? To celebrate the hustle, the grind, and the ambition of artists who are truly getting to the 💰. We're not just curators; we're champions of talent on the rise.

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Ignite Your Brand, Amplify Your Sound! 🔥🎤 At New Money Trap, we're not just curators; we're the driving force behind Urban Branding, Music Marketing, and PR. Empowering indie artists and labels with strategic brilliance, we ensure your music not only stands out but dominates the scene. Your journey to recognition starts here! 🚀🔊 #NewMoneyTrapRevolution

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Welcome New Money Trap Revolution!

Fueling Dreams, Igniting Impact: Your Urban Branding, Music Marketing, and PR Powerhouse -
 Follow the journey, feel the vibe, and witness the rise of your music with New Money Trap Behind it — "Be A Part of Something Great, and Allow Others To Be A Part of Your Greatness."

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🎵 Get featured on NEW MONEY TRAP (Hip-Hop and R&B💸💰), our hottest playlist of chart-topping, mainstream & "Indie Artists" bringing that bag talk to life! Join the #NewMoneyVibe today! Follow & save our playlists, tag us on social media @newmoneytrap, and share your playlist position. Witness your release skyrocket in popularity.

Promotion Services:
Provide promotional support for indie artists and labels, helping them gain exposure and recognition in the music industry.

Playlist Curation:
Curate and maintain playlists featuring the sauciest Hip-Hop and R&B tracks from both mainstream and indie artists.

Events and Live Performances:
Host or promote events and live performances featuring indie artists within the Hip-Hop and R&B genre.

Customized Marketing Strategies:
Develop personalized marketing strategies for indie artists and labels to help them achieve their music career goals.

PR (Public Relations):
Develop and execute effective public relations campaigns to elevate the visibility and reputation of indie artists and labels.

Provide expert guidance and strategic consulting services for artists and labels looking to navigate the music industry and enhance their brand.

Where Indie Artists Shine, and Hip-Hop and R&B Reign Supreme



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